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Maths at Garland

Statement of Curriculum Intent for Maths 

The Maths curriculum at Garland Junior School supports our vision of ‘We learn, we care, we grow, we succeed’ by providing children with opportunities to:  

  • Build their natural curiosity for numbers, puzzles and problem solving, 

  • Use the vocabulary needed to respond to and explain their mathematical understanding,

  • Link mathematical knowledge and skills with their everyday experiences, 

  • Use critical thinking in evaluating the effectiveness of the strategies they use.

The structure of our curriculum enables the children to build on their mathematical learning from previous units and previous years, and deepen their understanding through finding alternative strategies or solutions. 

Provision of this curriculum aims to increase childrens understanding behind the processes and strategies, through use of resources, modelling and pictorial representations. To facilitate this learning, the maths curriculum is delivered through a variety of practical activities, investigations, games and oral discussion.  

In order to embed and deepen their learning, children are asked to present their understanding in different ways, explain clearly, and apply in a range of contexts. Children are encouraged to persevere, learning through their mistakes and building resilience.


As a school, we are very keen for children to get as engaged as they can with their own Maths learning. In order to do this, every child has access to DoodleMaths, which is:

  • Aligned to the primary maths curriculum – created by teachers to focus on the fundamentals of maths
  • Provides personalised learning – when each child logs in, the work is targeted uniquely for them in order to best progress their learning
  • Breaks down barriers – every child can achieve
  • Makes maths fun!

Thank you to everyone who came along to our recent Doodlemaths information session, we hope you found them both informative and enjoyable.  For those who were unable to attend please use the Doodle Maths presentation found in 'Useful Documents' below to find out more.  If you have any queries please feel free to discuss with your childs class teacher who will be more than happy to answer any questions.  We look forward to catching your children Doodling!  

You can log into Doodlemaths by clicking the icon below.

'Determination, Respect, Teamwork'
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