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English at Garland

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Statement of Curriculum Intent for English

The English curriculum at Garland Junior School supports the whole school curriculum rationale. When teaching English, our intent is to: 

  • Facilitate a curiosity and knowledge in the world around learners by immersing them in a variety of texts that inform and promote discussion, allowing them to experience the world from different perspectives. 

  • Promote and develop love of, and skills in, reading, to support the acquisition of richer vocabulary. 

  • To use language experienced through texts (in the broadest sense) to support language production in writing, drama and speech. 

Children will be supported in this journey through a multi-faceted approach. Children who need additional support will be offered phonics to fill gaps aiming to enable them to access more enjoyable and exciting material appropriate for their age range. Along side this, a visual medium of pictures, video and real word experiences will be used to create a more rounded understanding.  

Similarly, children who are already accessing their age expected standards, or above, will be challenged to explore a variety of books and language. Thinking about the interlocking world of writer and reader.  

Overall, it is our objective to create a passion and zeal for literature and language which will carry this child through into their adult life, cementing a love for the written word that will provide comfort and happiness throughout their lifetime.  

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